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Buy or Sell Your French Property With Confidence

Buying a Property in France? 

We'll manage the purchase process working alongside the Notaire and/or estate agent in France to deliver the best deal for you. We'll explain the terms of the pre-sales agreement ('compromis de vente') and the final title deed ('acte de vente') to ensure that your best interests are protected. We'll examine the mandatory diagnostic reports and make enquiries with the local authorities so that you know exactly what you are buying. This groundwork could save you a major headache in the future. For example, a windfarm could be planned within view of your dream house, a contractor could have been been granted planning permission to build an apartment complex next door or your potential neighbours could have right of way through your garden! 


Selling a Property in France? 

We'll find an estate agent and report back to you on their progress ensuring that they are working hard to sell your property. We'll also manage the sale on your behalf as above. We will ensure that the house insurance, gas, electricity, water bills, local 'taxe d'habitation' and 'taxe foncière' are up to date. We'll even find a gardener to cut the grass! Please note that we will not pay the utilities on your behalf but will contact the relevant companies, tax offices to obtain the outstanding amounts of house insurance, tax, water and electricity and transmit these to you. 


Confused as to how to STRUCTURE YOUR OWNERSHIP when you purchase property in France? Should you buy 'en indivision', or 'en tontine'? Do you want your dreaded stepchildren to inherit your French property or do you want to end up sharing ownership with them? We'll explain the pros and cons of different types of ownership depending on your circumstances.