Selling Your Home in France


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Selling Your Home Privately 

Approximately 40% of house sales in France are carried out privately, and is becoming more popular. At first, the thought of selling privately may seem daunting, but it is in fact incredibly straight forward. First of all you need to arrange the energy rating of your property as this must be included in your advertisement. Your local notaries’ office will give you the details required to make this appointment. If you need a translator or hand holder to organise this for you we have experienced professionals listed in our Services Directory page who will be happy to help with every stage of the selling process.

3 Key Stages

The selling process in France is very straight forward. 

Here are the 3 keys stages:


Accepting An Offer

When you received and accepted an offer on your property we would advise you take your purchaser’s name/s, contact details and agreed sale price. You may wish to draft a simple “Offer d’Achat” (commitment to purchase the property) with these details on, asking your purchaser’s to sign it and give them a copy, keep a copy yourself and give a third copy to your Notaire’s office. This is not legally binding but it will give the Notaire the information they need to start the legal processes for the sale. No money exchanges hands at this time. You now need to organise the rest of the diagnostic tests. Your Notaire’s office will give you the contact details of a local company that they recommend for this. If you would like help organising this please refer to our “Services Directory” where you will find professional translators and hand holders who can help you with this. 

Compromis De Vente

The Compromise de Vente is signed by both the vendor and purchaser to seal the deal and commence the French property selling process. The signing is normally undertaken at the Notaire’s office. If you (or your purchaser/s) do not speak French fluently you are advised to organise a translator to attend unless your Notaire is happy to translate for you. The Notaire will ask your purchaser to pay a deposit of normally 10% (if you are happy for your purchaser to pay a smaller deposit, e.g. 5%, you should inform your Notaire of this) shortly after signing the sale and purchase agreement. A completion date will normally be set at this stage. The buyer will have a 10 day “cooling off” period after signing before they are legally committed to the purchase.


Acte De Vente

It normally takes between 6 to 12 weeks to complete all the necessary paperwork for a property purchase. When the day of completion arrives the vendor/s and buyer/s are invited to the Notaire's office to sign the ‘Acte de Vente’ (deed of sale) which guarantees the legal transfer of the property. 




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